Heap Bee Boxes specialises in the manufacturing of a wide range of standard or customised wooden pallets, wooden boxes or crates, plywood cases and liftvan. Our clients range from those in the logistics industry and manufacturers in various industries.

Wooden Pallets

Fro wooden pallets, we produce based on our customers' requirement. This depends if the pallets are required for storage or transportation. We can also custom the design based on our customer's design; whether it is used for hand pallet truck or forklift to lift their goods. Heap Bee Boxes can also supply 2-ways or 4-ways pallet or wing pallets. We also supply pallet designs based on customer's requirements as below:

  1. Australia Export Pallet (standard measurement 1,100 x 1,100mm)
  2. European Export Pallet (standard measurement 1,200 x 800mm)
  3. UK Export Pallet (standard measurement 1,200 x 1,000mm)
  4. Double Deck Pallet (customize as required)
  5. Plywood Pallet

Wooden Crates & Cases

These crates and cases offer more protection and are more durable. The design itself is based on load weight, dimension and also the content of the item that the crate is expected to handle. We also provide additional features such as bolting or extra skid to ensure the content of the crate is delivered safely and securely during shipment.

Plywood Cases

Plywood cases are effective for the shipping of fragile items that requires additional protection. The size depends on the content of cases as we provide from light duty cases which are suitable for vases or paintings up to heavy duty cases fr motorbikes or piano.

Simple Furniture & Fittings

Outdoor furniture made from wooden pallets are trending and responding to this trend, we are also providing partially constructed furniture for DIY enthusiasts, event companies as well as furniture manufacturers.